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experimental films, documentary, video art, CD-ROM-art

Trash aesthetics
Trash ideology
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Irena Lagator
«Fire in the screen», 2001, Serbia and Montenegro, VHS

Today, a family is no more gathering around the table, or a meal, but in front of the television, that here is thought as a phenomenon of our time. There’s no natural discussion between those who want to be informed about the summary that the television offers, there are no answers to the posed questions in that situation. There’s nothing, because the fire from the screen is between them.

Sandra Schafer «A country’s new dawn», 2001, Germany, Mini-DV, 7 mins
The theme park Millennium Dome was one of the most spectacular projects of the year 2000 in Great Britain. According to the British neoliberal policy, it was meant to mark the beginning of a new Millennium. As show case of the New Great Britain the Millennium Dome should unite the whole nation (Tony Blair, the prime minister of England). The documentary shootings for the video «A country’s new down» were taken in December 2000 and in February 2001: They show the Dome running as well as in its state of demolition.

Sebastien Pesot «Democratie», 2002, Canada, 5,5 mins
An experimental video, testifying to the repression engendered by economic globalization and its repercussions on democracy. Images shot in Quebec City at the Summit of the Americas in April 2001.

Alexandr Shaburov «If I were Harry Potter», 2003, Russia, Moscow, 5 mins
Harry Shaburov is our answer to the media hero Harry Potter. In a second he can make the world free from prostitution, drugs, homosexuality, alcoholism, build a house, plant a tree and even – if called upon by president Putin – go out ot fight his transatlantic namesake charged with sexism and satanic worship.

Claudette Lemay «Rentre chez toi», 2002, Canada, 3 mins
In this second part of the «Rentre chez toi» the character watches, or lets herself be carried by the ferment, sometimes interior, sometimes exterior.

«Dveri» (Oleg Kosolapov, Valentin Bugrik) «A smal feast before the end of a hunred-year plague», 1995-1996, Russia, Moscow, 8 mm
In the end of December a group of young people gathered together to celebrate the hundred year anniversary of cinema with simple fare and cheep port. Under the influence of alcohol they've lost control of thought and emotions.

Robin Dupuis «Id.», 2002, France, 2:22 min
This video immerses us in a bluish glimmer that travels the length of the image’s signal.

Natalie Zimmerman «Louie, Louie», 2001, USA, Digital Video
The piece enacts a kind of spatial montage where the viewer becomes an actor directly confronting and confronted by the audience depicted on screen. The phonetic translation of the lyrics provided, both invites and refuses audience participation while satirizing the incomprehensibility and historical debate surrounding the original written lyrics. (In the early 60’s. the FBI under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover conducted an official investigation to determine whether the song’s lyric’s violated Federal Obscenity laws. The findings were inconclusive).

Anna Kolosova «Pinball», 2003, Russia, St. Petersburg, Adobe Premiere 6.0, D.V., 3 mins
In this film a basic formula for all thrillers is presented. This is a new mute thriller. To be continued…

Kirill Shamanov (Romanov): «Emmanuel», 2002, Russia, 2,5 mins
Headphones are put on the camera and a stereocard striptease is preformed to live music to the audience applause, Hi-8. The quintessential erotic film.

Olga Kashimbekova/ Gleb Katchuk «Look back», 1999-2002, Ukraine, art game
An interactive quest with hilariously funny trash-horror elements.

The Anonymous and Free Art Archives «Songs of Russian Revolution: The International», 2003, Russia, video collage, DV
An attempt to reconstruct the emotional component of the revolution. To understand the texts a viewer should look to the LEFT!

Natalia Maly, Richard Crow «Kind Feelings», 2002, Moscow/London, Sony PD 150 (Dvcam), Avid
A video performance dedicated to unpublished works of Daniil Kharms
enquiring into the socio-psychological basis for eating rituals.

Tamshui «[he/]», 2001, Hong Kong, 4 mins
Nowadays in Hong Kong, youngsters always like to use the term - [he/] to show the their attitude of living. It’s represents the feeling of inactive, neglect, giving up. The term [he/] cannot even re written in Chinese, it’s only a pronunciations. The term becomes a special terms that is only used by youngsters. It seems the attitude of [he/] becomes a vicious cycle to their life.

Marina Chernikova/ Michael Peters «Binnen Ruis», 2002, Russia/the Netherlands, DV-mini, 1:10 mins
New installments on RUIS (sound-image-static) project. The Prime program was generated by Michael Peters specially for the project.

Kolosova Inna, Juhananova Maria «The Draft», 2003, Russia, Moscow, DV
A draft of a novel with traces of a woman’s tears on the margins.

Roman Minaev «Trashconnection Photo_Album», 2003, Russia/Germany, СD-ROM
Random amateur photographs shown in animation tempo, with speed depending on a PC technical parameters (the average being 24 frames per second). Their order off appearance, size and composition are chosen in the browser window by a random generator, creating yet new variations and reflecting the chance nature of the location and time of their creation.

Juri Vasiliev «Russian Red», 2002, Russia, Kaliningrad, 0:55 min
A black-and-white expressive video really getting on one’s nerves. A grown-up son is mumbling: “Mom, mom” – and in these utterance there’s everything: pain, loneliness and idiocy. 

Danil Akimov «Scotch tape bandage», 2002, Russia, Kaliningrad, 2:23 mins
Bondage is a traditional element of S&M games. A scotch tape bandage transforms a human body into an abstract installation, moaning with pain and pleasure.

Lev Stepanov «Picasso», 2001, Russia, Moscow, 3 mins
An interactive game. The high art of Picasso and the tragic image of Guernica are profaned to the level of an idiotic joke by a couple of clicks on the mouse.

Dmitry Bylnigin «Shashlyk rythms», 2002, Russia, Novosibirsk, 4,5 mins
Flaying a pig looks like a jazz improvization with an axe as drums.

Werther Germondari «Make love», 2002, Italy, 3,5 mins
Anonymous flesh - a pink female body and a fresh ham dangerously close to a steel knife.

Konstantin Skotnikov «Life with a toilet bowl», 2001, Russia, Novosibirsk, 2,5 mins
In the days of discontent and gloomy contemplation, creative efforts and philosophical insights there's no friend as loyal and tolerant as your white porcelain friend.

Chan Ching Kit «McDonald’s Super Fans», 2001, Hong Kong, 2,5 mins
It is very interesting that many Hong Kong people were very crazy to collect toys dogs (Snoopy) and cats (Hello Kitty) of McDonald’s “Happy Meal”/ The majority of the toy collectors waited for hours, sometimes overnight, in front of the shop. However, they received the toys and waster their meals. From the event of collecting toys, a very strong desire of materials ownership is seen. McDonald’s Super Fans aims to criticize the phenomenon that Hong Kong people are too crazy to collect consumer goods.

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