Media Forum Winners (2006)

I Prize

Kenji Ouellet, Canada
Lesson 13, 2005. 11’ 00’’

The lesson is as emotional drama.

Kenji Oulet born in Canada and now based in Berlin. Filmography includes dance, experimental films and media concepts for contemporary choreographies.

II Prize:

George Drivas, Greece
Beta Test, 2005. 13’ 00’’

Today’s Berlin as a place of action for the Alfavile sequel.

George Drivas received an M.A. in Film and Media Studies at Freie Universitaet, Berlin and a B.A. in Political Science at the University of Athens, Greece. He is the recipient of numerous awards at international Film Festivals.

III Prize:

Jean-Gabriel Periot, France
Even if she had been a criminal, 2006. 10’00’’

War and woman. 1944: they are tried because they have stayed in enemies’ rear. Is it their fault?

Jean-Gabriel Periot is baby-sitter, barman, clothes and handcraft salesman, videotapes program clerk, assistant director, editor, mime, auction sales assistant, journalist, dance filmmaker, artist…

Erik Olofsen, The Netherlands
In Places, 2004. 4’ 30’’

A man jumps from the sky. Amazingly he is safe and sound. Cities soften a drop.

Erik Olofsen was born in Aalsmeer (The Netherlands) in 1970. Graduated from Gerrit Ritevelde Academy (Amsterdam) and now his works have been showing in various countries.

Jury Special Prize:

Goran Micevski, Serbia
Endgame, 2005. 5’00’’

The true end is only beginning of the authorship without end.

Goran Micevski is a photographer from Belgrade also active in conceptual video and multimedia.