(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

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Electronic Museum of Linguo-Acoustic Environment


“GLUHOMANIA. RU” project is the first of its kind in Russia, being an institutional project (functioning in both off- and on-line modes) aimed at creating an educational web-sound portal? And related databases in cultural audio heritage. The essence of the project is a complete and detailed representation of the unknown phenomenon of modern literature and art, the sound-poetry. The educational portal will include:

00 soundtracks of unique experimental recordings of the whole twentieth century;

50 illustrated theoretical articles and manifestos in Russian and English of historic-archival significance as well as dedicated to actual analysis of the tendencies of genre development;

Samples of contemporary trend achievements and characteristic of typological institutional environments;

Projects’ bibliography, discography and webliography.


Presentational and educational program of creating the museum of linguo-acoustic environment also presupposes an off-line version of the project - theoretical articles, bio, etc, gathered in an anthological edition (box: 450-pages bilingual catalogue, 4CD -collection).


The process of Russia’s return into the global art-context, furthered by decentration of art life in the country and gradual acceptance of the web relations, resulted in a new and largely paradox situation of a sudden accent on various levels of the “perypheric”, “provincial”, “Marginal” and “second-class” concepts.

The major stress falls on intermediary art practice (in which geographical, spatial and temporal difference has ceased to play a significant role) - introducing into art a related range of notions, in their radical combination. This practice makes a significant conclusion possible - through freeing the concepts and elements from their traditional settings it is possible to achieve a level most compatible with the contemporary Zeitgeist.

Apart from the fundamental research already done in Russia in intermediary nature of some phenomena of contemporary art (digital video and photography, web-mastering, VRML-art, 3D-animation) there is an urgent need for creating an electronic sound retrospection and an international library of audio technologies born in between music and literature (Deleuze’s “minor literature”), because it is at the boundaries where the structure of an intermediary object becomes most evident.

The recent institutional events such as Net.Radio Days (Berlin), OpenX (Ars Electronica, Lintz), the diverse European on-line festivals show a liveliest interest in founding international archives of audio environment for specific individual narrations and scientific presentations.

One of these multi-user specialization can be a detailed examination of the sound-poetry, a phenomenon almost unknown in Russia. To this end the “GLUHOMANIA.RU” of cultural audio heritage educational portal is established.


The project’s coordination.


Directed and curated by Dmitry Bulatov.

(Centre for Contemporary art, Kaliningrad, Russia).

Author and initiator of a series of international publishing and presentation anthology-type projects concerned with marginal literary forms (visual, sound, action).

Project Manager - Evgeni Umanski.

(Centre for Contemporary art, Kaliningrad, Russia).

Since 1997 art-director at the Centre for Contemporary art,

2000 curated “GLUHOMANIA” at the non-commercial section of International Contemporary Art Fair “Art-Moskva”, Moscow.

2001 - “The Art of Torture and Execution” project - art against torture and execution at the non-commercial section of International Contemporary Art Fair “Art-Moskva”, Moscow.

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