(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

F e s t i v a l & C o n f e r e n c e



The International Conference «Access to Excess» 
Organizer: MediaArtLab
Location: Conference Hall of the Filmmakers’ Union of RF
Vasilievskaya St., 13

The core problem of the conference: how to organize effectively the process of cultural and historical valorization (term by B.Groys, i.e. estimating quality of product and making reasonable its value) of media art content under the present conditions of information over-production. Among participants of the conference organized in collaboration with the All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature are supposed to be representatives of media art centers and archives, festivals, project runners and researchers from Eastern and Western Europe, America, Asia and Russia.

The conference will highlight several basic problems of media art collections development:

Effective models of distribution and promotion of media art
Curators of media art collections, organizers of media art festivals, presentational and educational programs, initiators of online resources on media art on the Internet from different countries will present their projects, share experience, and discuss different problems related to searching for adequate and effective ways of presentation of new forms of digital arts and the use of new technologies in the process of distribution and promotion.

Methods and policy in the field of preservation of media art works
The actuality of the problem of preservation of media art works has grown during the last years. It’s derived from the fact that media art works, especially produced in analogue formats, start to lose their quality quite soon since the time of their production. The basic aspects of the problem are: appropriated formats of the storage of media art works, preservation and restoration of media art works, transference to other, different from an original one, formats, conservation of network and Internet based art projects.

Intellectual property and copyright in the era of digital economy
How artists, curators, and other professionals, from one side, and audience, from the other, can benefit in "the era of digital reproduction" from the use of advanced, first of all, Internet technologies?

Online databases: architecture, content development, platforms for integration
Experience and perspectives of development of online archives and museums of media art, as well as other related information resources. Database as a network project.

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Programme of the International Conference «Access of Excess»

June 25 (Monday)

Media Art Archives and Collections. Methods and policy in the sphere of collecting, preservation and distribution of media art.

10.00 - 10.30


10.30 - 12.10

Introduction by moderators

Alexei Isaev & Olga Shishko
Media Forum’s Agenda


Tatiana Gorucheva
Systems of Values and Their Reproduction. Cultural Valorization of Media Art.

Helen de Witt, the Lux Center for Film, Video, and Digital Arts, London
Melting Media: Artists’ Moving Image and Digital Dream

Torben Soeborg, Director of The Danish Video Art Data Bank, Haslev
Preserving video art works. Video/media arts and the accelerating change of technology

12.10 - 12.30


12.30 - 14.45

Jan Schuijren, Netherlands Institute of Media Art Montevideo/Time Based Arts

Axel Wirths, "235media", Cologne

Svetlana Ostrova
programme “New Technologies in Contemporary Art”
of PRO ARTE Institute, St.Peterburg



Bobo Lee, Videotage, Hong Kong

Andrey Smirnov, Thermen Center, Moscow

Olga Shishko & Tatiana Gorucheva, MediaArtLab, Moscow
“Share Media Art Collections” Project

June 26 (Tuesday) 

Effective models of presentation and distribution of contemporary digital arts.


Susanne Jaschko, «Transmediale» International media art festival, Berlin
The Permanent Re-Invention ...a festival is a show is a laboratory is a seminar

Hermann Noering, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck

Alexei Shulgin, Olga Gorunova
Media Artist and the System: New Strategies

Marina Perchihina, artist, Spider&Mouse Gallery, Moscow
Video Art In the Visual Environment.




Kirill Razlogov, Director of the Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Art Director of the Moscow Film Festival
Experiment and Millions

Roman Kornienko, NOVO-TV, Novokuznetsk
Popularizing Video Art

Andrey Velikanov, net artist, Moscow
Creating Models of Mediums Meditation



13.30 - 14.45

Presentation by Steina and Woody Vasulka:
A report by two long time practitioners on the state of the Electronic Arts.

Woody Vasulka
“Time Energy and Code” (How electromechanical machine contains and performs these principles)

Steina Vasulka
Demonstration and lecture on her recent performances and installations

Three auto portraits: Violin power, 10 min. 1978, Somersalt, 5 min. 1981, Warp, 4 min. 2000

June 27 (Wendnesday)

Online databases. Presentations and discussion

10.30 - 12.00

Eric Kluitenberg, De Balie - Center for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam
The Living Archive

Etienne Sandrin, New Media Collection of Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
New Media Encyclopedia

Dmitriy Bulatov, Kaliningrad branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art
Electronic Museum of Linguo-Acoustic Environment. GLUHOMANIA.RU

Nina Zaretskaya, Director of Art Media Center “TV Gallery”, Moscow
From Online Archive to a Virtual Museum. A Few Ideas On Creating a Media Art Sites.

Yuriy Plastinin, ArtInfo Agency




Round table: Intellectual property and copyright at the age of digital economy

Moderators: Olga Gorunova & Olga Shishko

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