(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

F e s t i v a l & C o n f e r e n c e



Olga Shishko & Tatiana Gorucheva

Mediatheque of Infocenter for Media Culture

Moscow MediaArtLab’s initiative

MEDIATHEQUE will become the first systematic professional public archive of media art in Russia. It will be a part of information center, whose task is to collect, systemize, and to provide professional and non-professional audiences with open access to diverse information on contemporary media culture. The latter one includes not only media art, but also another creative, research and experimental forms of activity aimed at exploring and solving a wide range of problems related to development of new information-communication technologies, their role in contemporary culture as well as results of their impact on cultural processes. The most important reason of initiation of this project is the lack of information which would let people study and follow the process of development of world and local media cultures what makes problematic elaboration of competent and appropriate methods for pushing forward productive inter-relations between cultural and technological spheres in Russia. Thus, Infocenter should become, first of all, a platform for educational and research projects in this field.

Initially this project has been launched in order to preserve films and videos by Russian artists from destruction and loss as well as to collect documentation of such projects as installations, performances, actions, whose production is based on the use of media. Besides that MAL is about to launch special program aimed at exploring the most appropriate methods of storing Internet based art projects. At the same time regarding constantly growing interest to media art in Russia and to MediaArtLab's collection in particular among professional artists, curators, and researches, as well as audiences, the necessity to create public archive on the professional platform is obvious. Other important goal is to stimulate distribution of Russian media art all over Russia and abroad as well as to further acquaintance of Russian audience with foreign media art through organizing exchange, educational, festival programs in Moscow and Russian regions. Regional museums, art and education centers are very interested in receiving specially prepared by experts educational programs which would help to acquaint local audiences with history and present development of media art in Russia and abroad.


During 3 years of work MAL has already collected more than 150 hours of video art works by Russian and international artists on VHS tapes, its archive also includes a number of CD-ROMs. Basically for the moment this collection consists of collections of Moscow studios that doesn't exist any more, personal selections of works by Russian artists, and different screening programs of Russian and international video art that were specially organized and shown within the frame of other projects of MediaArtLab.


Mediatheque will consist of:

audio-visual archive of media art works in professional electronic and digital formats;

cart index and catalogue of artists and works;

computer database, full information bank with the search system, which will be accessible on-line and off-line;

library, which will include books on history and theory of media, media art, cyberculture, collections of essays, catalogues, periodicals, etc.;

show room equipped with monitors, video players, video projector, screen, computers with the Internet access .


Mediatheque will function as an open public archive which will provide people with access to all stored materials and information; equipment for their examination; navigation tools: catalogue, card index, database; consulting assistance. Infocenters's bank of information and art works also will be used in order to select and prepare special programs according to requests of interested Russian and foreign organisations, as well as for MediaArtLab's own and collaborative projects (seminars and workshops, screenings, festivals, conferences). On the basis of collected materials MediaArtLab is going to publish an anthology of Russian media art which will consist of three volumes. The first one will be dedicated to experimental films and video art, the second one - to multi media art, and the third one - to Internet art.

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