(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

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“New Technologies in Contemporary Art”.

The Programme of PRO ARTE Institute

Coordinator: Svetlana Ostrova

For those interested in the world of new technologies and media art, the PRO ARTE Institute offers the programme “New Technologies in Contemporary Art” which will enable the participants to comprehend the aesthetic principles of new art forms, form their own attitudes toward these and master basic skills of working with new media.

The aims of organizers are:

Enlightenment in the media art field (a lecture and seminar course in media art history, workshops for artists, media art exhibitions and publishing projects);

Provision of a technical basis for realizing media art projects (the multimedia laboratory);

Creation of a database (purposeful extension of PRO ARTE library with works on media art)

The multimedia laboratory is equipped with 10 workstations (Intel Pentium-III 500-based) and possesses all necessary equipment for using every kind of multimedia software packages as well as for non-linear audiovisual editing. This helps the artists to realize various creative media art projects with newest methods and technologies. The multimedia laboratory server exhibits most interesting of these projects.

The workshop curator is Alexei Shulgin (Moscow, The workshop includes:

the seminar course “The basics of software package usage”;

master classes by Russian and international media artists;

participation in conferences and seminars on media art;

art production with consultative and technical support of the coordinators.

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