(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

F e s t i v a l & C o n f e r e n c e



Kirill Razlogov.

Paper abstract for the Media Forum conference.

"Experiment and millions "


1. New technologies of communication (NTC) and the return to individualized creativity. From cinema avant-garde to video art and net art to virtual reality. Anti-mass character of Modernism - mass culture and postmodern culture of individual universes (utopia or reality?).

2. Conflicts between electronic mass media based upon expansion of a growing mass audience and art exploration of NTC, which gives boundless possibilities of self-expression, creation of individual universes and search for individual partners, viewers, interlocutors (in the broad sense).

3. One person against millions (of viewers and/or of dollars). Traditional screen art (cinema or TV) requires multimillion expenditures and billions of viewers. Anything not “mass” is driven to the margins, or even completely out of the picture.

3. The trajectory of approach:

3.1. A project conception of a TV series - the historical trajectory of screen avant-garde and its contemporary heirs.

3.2 Specialized TV channel as the only version of attraction of the opposites.

3.3 A form consistent with the content (of each broadcast): Mecas, "Homo Paradoxum", computer and creativity.

3.4 “To what point of too far it is possible to go” (Jean Cocteau): provocation, sexuality, lifestyle of art Bohemia, democratization of the Modernist impulse and Culture.

3.5 From compilation to presentation of works: back to the concept’s sources.

4. Public response - the press, the rumors, distribution, prospective awards…

5. Prospects.

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