(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

F e s t i v a l & C o n f e r e n c e




The Theremin Center for electro-acoustic music and multimedia was created in Moscow in 1992 by a group of musicians and computer scientists, under the leadership of Andrei Smirnov. It was named after Leon Theremin - the Russian inventor of one of the first widely used electronic musical instruments, also known as the Thereminvox. The Theremin Center aims to achieve a creative symbiosis and co-operation of musicians, artists, scientists, and technologists who are oriented toward realization of experimental projects. They envision the centre as a base from which to carry out interdisciplinary research in such fields as computer music, real-time interactive systems and multimedia including dance, visual arts etc., as well as a centre for the development and creation of innovative programmes, technical devices and techniques.

International Advisory Board: Jon Appleton (U.S.), Max Matthews (U.S.), Marc Battier (France), Jean-Claude Risset (France), Lars-Gunnar Bodin (Sweden), Dmitry Uhov (Russia), Richard Boulanger (U.S.)

The Guests of the Theremin Center were Jon Appleton (USA), Max Mathews (USA), Robert Moog (USA), Fransoise Barriere (France), Ake Parmerud (Sweden), Henri Pousseur (Belgium), Wilco Botermans (Holland), Garry Lee Nelson (USA), John Cousins (New Zealand) and others.

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