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Compilation of Danish Video Art - Part 2

1. Niels Lomholt: OPHELIA
6:10 min., 1992
Credits: Computer animation: Kristoffer Mendel, actors: Lene Aagaard, Andrew Nygaard & Kehel­wa Sifuniso, all other credits: Niels Lomholt

Production: Det Danske Videoværksted, Haderslev, Denmark

Hamlet’s Ophelia or ...? she danced around an armchair counting the afternoon erections. she did it with a coloured boy. White boy waiting. she - and laughing. and she drowns.

  2. Helle Lorenzen: THE BELL
1993, 3:06 min.

Credits: Edit: Helle Lorenzen & Lars Kristensen, all other credits: Helle Lorenzen
Production: Aarhus Filmvaerksted, Aarhus, Denmark

Ding dong, the bell song: A visible sound

3. Kassandra Wellendorf: THE PILLOW
1:00 min., 1996

Credits: Director: Kassandra Wellendorf, special effects: Kirsten Foerlev & Boris Oppermann, voice: Laura Kamis Wrang, camera & light: Trine Vester & Boeje Lomholdt, edit: Susanne Knutzen, sound edit: Peter Rasmussen
Production: Aarhus Filmvaerksted with special thanks to the Danish Film Institute Workshop

The pillow - who slept on the pillow?

4:00 min., 1998

Credits: edit: Trine Vester, music: Chrristian Skeel & Kenneth Knudsen, all other credits: Pernelle Maegaard
Production: The Danish Film Institut Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark

A video with manipulated pictures of nature. Landscape painting has always been standing up for the chaste and pure. Nature can’t be reversed. I have used fragments of nature and manipulated these. The chosen pictures I felt I could change in such a way that a new “un­natural” devised nature arise, put together on some mentally and emotionally charged picturesque principles.

5. Carsten Schmidt-Olsen: ALL YOU EVER HAD IS MEMORY
7:25 min., 1995
All credits: Carsten Schmidt-Olsen
Production: CSO-Video, Hjoerring, Denmark

Memory - all you ever had. Memories of times gone by. Memories from past years - remembered and collected in 1995

6. Michael Holmstrøm: STANDS
1989, 3:35 min.

Credits: sound: Michael Holmstrøm & Thomas Berger. All other credits: Michael Holmstrøm
STANDS is a short story about seeing and acting, seen from a humoristic point of view.

7. Torben Soeborg: I AM THAT I AM
6:20 min., 1994 (Version III)

Credits: Text by Allen Ginsberg, all other credits: Torben Soeborg
Production: video factory, Haslev, Denmark

A face of a man coming close to or away from the camera, in focus or out of focus. Recitation of a few lines from Allen Ginsburg’s poem “The Change: Kyoto Tokyo Express”. A surreal interpretation of the question: “Who am I?” and Ginsburg’s “answer”: “In this dream I am the dreamer … I am that I am …”

(This video recieved a special Prize at RETINA 98, VI International Film & Video Festival, Szigetvar, Hungary)

8. Kenneth Sperling: DIE FOR FANNY
1:00 min., 1996

Credits: Manus & director: Kenneth Sperling, cast: Eva Maria Bendsen & Soeren Hoeg, camera & light: Charlotte Miranda, boom & soundmix: Per René Jacobsen, edit: Charlotte Miranda, sound edit: Poul Vestergaard, music: Mozart’s Requiem
Production: Aarhus Filmvaerksted, Denmark

You know, I’d do anything for you Fanny!

9. Jan Krogsgaard & Henrik Brahe: TAKING CARE OF LOLA
5:45 min., 1995

Credits: sound/music: Ole Björn Binding & Jan Krogsgaard, tech. assist: Bo Mortensen, all other credits: Jan Krogsgaard & Henrik Brahe
Production: BEEF, Denmark

An experiment with disturbed signals, sound and pictures

10. Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johansen: WAKE UP CHARLIE
1:00 min., 1996

Credits: Cast: Per Broby Olsen, voice: Erik Jakobsen, edit: Susanne Knutzon, sound edit: Peter Jensen, all other credits: Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johansen
Production: Aarhus Filmvaerksted, Denmark

An obvious dead blackbird is attempted revived

11. Torben Søborg: FAR OUT IN THE WIDE OPEN SEA …
1988, Version II, 2:30 min.

Credits: music: Ole Hyldgaard, all other credits: Torben Søborg
Production : Video Factory. Produced at videovorkshop/HASLEV, Haslev Denmark

“Far out in the wide open sea, the water is so blue ...” and according to Hans christian Andersen (in his fairy-tale “The Little Mermaid”) the People of the Sea live there: the King of the Sea had six daugthers ... “six they were, lovely children, but the youngest was the loveliest of all”,...”and the little mermaid lifted her bright arms toward God’s sun” - and remembered her handsome prince ... but ...

12. Carsten Schmidt-Olsen: JENNY IN GREECE
1992, 1:49 min.

All credits: Carsten Schmidt-Olsen
Production: CSO-Video, Hjoerring, Denmark

Jenny in Greece - not exactly a tourist or travel video but in the best Greek tradition

The programme is curated by Torben Soeborg

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