(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

F e s t i v a l & C o n f e r e n c e



Media Forum Video Programs

a program of American Videos curated by Masha Godovannaya

This program exhibits the work of five American video artists who are exploring the medium and trying to find its specific visual language.
Meditation on trivial daily activities (Lynne Sachs), experiments with the same endless action (Sharon Paz), memories of past experience (Stom Sogo), philosophical exercises (Keith Sanborn), impressionistic manipulations of one movement (Leighton Pierce) – are the motives of these videos. 
They are very personal works expressing the artists’ interests, observations, desires, knowledge, thoughts…
A circular process, eternal movement, continuum…

Window Work by Lynne Sachs, 8 min., 2000
The most familiar activities -- sipping tea, reading the paper – take place against the background of a picture window overlooking a magically realistic garden ablaze in sunlight. Small home – movie boxes show scenes from childhood within the larger screen. Familiar but disparate sounds expand, dislocate, and intensify the simplicity of the imagery and the intimacy of the behavior. (Bart Teush)

Scrubbing by Sharon Paz, 1 min., 1999
A silhouette image of a hand holding a banana moving in different rhythms duplicated in a geometric shape. The video runs in a loop, making a kaleidoscopic pattern of an intimate sexual yet mechanical movement. (S.P.)

Peeing by Sharon Paz, 1 min., 1999
A silhouette image of a man, duplicated in a circular geometric way. He becomes a logo, an endless fountain. (S.P.)

Kissing by Sharon Paz, 1 min., 1998
A silhouette image of myself, standing, bending and kissing. The image is hidden behind a silhouette, the viewer left with an empty figure that can be filled, the borders still define an image of a specific individual. (S.P.)

Semi-private sub-Hegelian by Keith Sanborn, 5 min., 2000
A philosophical dream narrative, structured around conceptions and representations of the reversibility and irreversibility of time and desire. The title is more or less exact. Several layers of Freudian fun, from exploding/imploding houses, to collapsing walls that re-erect themselves, to the dead Lenin, lying for his film portrait. As a Lacanian once said: he does not have the phallus: he is the phallus. Historical psychological fun for the whole family. "Everyone over ninety in the company of both parents admitted free." (K.S.)

The Back Steps by Leighton Pierce, 6 min., 2001
A brief moment from my kids’ Halloween party presents an opportunity for a painterly exploration of folded time. (L.P.)

Guided By Voices by Stom Sogo, 11 min., 1999
A deadly dose of epileptic eyedrugs. “This kid searches and what he always wants to feel doesn’t come. Oh, well, shake it then” (S.S.)

TOTAL TIME: 33 min.

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