(June 23-27, 2001)
 in the frame of XXIII Moscow International Film Festival Rambler's Top100

F e s t i v a l & C o n f e r e n c e



Media Forum Video Programs

The Lux Centre for Film, Video and Digital Arts, London
Programme curator: Helen De Witt

The Lux is the UK's national centre for artists' moving image. The Lux exhibits artists' moving image installation work in its gallery space alongside a unique cinema programme that has its central 
focus on artist's single screen work. The artists' programme is linked to a wider selection of work from the cultural underground that references literature, music and the graphic arts. PANDEMONIUM is the UK’s premiere moving images festival, presenting international works from the leading lights in film, visual arts and digital culture. 
PANDEMIC 01: THE BEST OF PANDAEMONIUM presents a selection of the best films and videos 
from the festival programme.

Hypnochicken 2000”, Davy Force, US, 2000, video, 10 mins
A durational psychotronic blipvert featuring The Colonel.

Video Animations”, Anne Course & Paul Clark, UK 2000, video, 10 mins
Hate it all head-stomping for the good of all...Paul and I are at the
pipe, we are waiting for waste...Mother is a human being but sometimes it
doesn’t seem like it...The Artist is a buffoon on its way to an unsure place.

Le Rouge et le Noir”, Thomas Thielen, UK 2000, video, 6 mins
C'est la cristallisation, comme dit Stendahl.

About the Size of New Jersey”, Irit Garty & Isaac Layish, Israel,
2000, video, 18 mins
Six evocative and elliptical vignettes, the film's title referring to,
"the size (and state of mind) of Israel".

Another World”, István Balázs, Hungary, 2000, video, 10 mins
”Here are dog, a concrete mixer, a horse-drawn, some hay stocks, over
there some fodder and this is the big yard. Here, there was a bunk bed but
I've smashed it to pieces”.

Airshow”, Roz Mortimer, UK, 1999, video, 3 mins 30 s
A boy. A gun. Fledgling acts of violence and sensuality.

Slow Death”, Stom Sogo, USA 2000, 16mm, 15 mins
With extreme intensity, the physical world is translated into a
grinding and pulsating miasma of grainy black and white abstractions.

Lofoten, Greg Pope, UK, 2000, video, 4 mins
A peal of bells. A silent arrival. And back again. The result of a
brief encounter between the filmmaker and the Arctic.

Total length: 77 min

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